S01E01 ‘So it begins..’

Digital currencies and distributed ledgers & databases are crossing nation-state boundaries and bringing unprecedented changes. The burgeoning web 3.0 is supra-national and allowing for cultural exchange, trade, and supplementary governance.

Take a seat at the Roundtable with Santiago Velez & Malthus John as they explain the program in this in-depth summary introduction.

S01E02 ‘FATF Guidelines’

Hosts Santiago Velez and Malthus John are joined by guests Lewis Cohen & Donna Redel for Part 1 of an in-depth discussion on the recently updated Financial Action Task Force (FATF) guidelines, which seek to bring national regulators into global harmony regarding anti-money laundering efforts. Selections from this lengthy document are highlighted, and the ramifications are explored for the US blockchain / cryptocurrency / digital asset markets.

S01E03 ‘Information & Knowledge Storage Systems: Layer Zero & Up’

Join hosts Santiago Velez and Malthus John in a sweeping discussion about Information & Knowledge storage systems with guests Professor Ethan Miller and Megan Kelleher. Drawing from the knowledge of decentralized & distributed Aboriginal life, the land and nature form ‘layer zero’ in our technology stack, informing us of fundamental concepts like law, value, and commons custodianship. At the other end of the scale for archival storage, we find the efficiency of digital terabyte drives starting to fail Kryder’s law. Will it be resilient enough to preserve the information tsunami of the digital age?