So it begins…

Digital currencies and distributed ledgers & databases are crossing nation-state boundaries and bringing unprecedented changes. The burgeoning web 3.0 is supra-national and allowing for cultural exchange, trade, and supplementary governance. This is not without challenges.

The crypto industry is at an important crossroad. It’s at this critical juncture that a choice is being made between continuing with trying to innovate around legal and social norms in the pursuit of profits, or revisiting the original concepts and attempting to lay a better foundation than the haphazard one that was thrown together in the early years.

The Khipu Roundtable is taking the second route. These two veterans of this ecosystem talk about these changes and challenges, giving a high-level summary of the broad-ranged topics that this show will cover. Money, trust, communities, and more decentralized forms of governance are discussed, along with the appearance of Bitcoin and its economic & market effects. You’ll learn of the Incan connection to the show, and the strong symbolism in the Khipu (also spelled quipu). These all highlight the ‘final battles’ of the digital revolution, as it turns its focus simultaneously on the centers of power and the edges of our societal networks.

Open source vs intellectual property. Debt vs credit. Humanity vs nationality. Flatness vs hierarchies. Knowledge vs misinformation. These are some of the lineups that are framed, and to be taken down rabbit holes as the program moves forward in the future. It’s an exciting journey to be on, and we’re glad you’ve joined us!

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