[ANN] The Khipu Roundtable

Those of you that have been around the blockchain space for a while will appreciate our hat-tip to the ‘Genesis block of social media’ sites for cryptocurrency, the Bitcointalk Forum. This is where all the old-school projects and OG participants communicated with each other and the public. There was an innocent time in the beginning, where all you had to do to launch your new token project was to start a thread in the Announcements category.

However, once the stock market pricing model was adopted and being listed on exchanges led some to profit from it, the Wall Street mentality began to take over the space. The forum began to be over-run with bots and scammers. This became an allegory for the entire movement.

Fast-forward through the frenzy of “get rich creating your own coins” craze & price run-up of 2016–2017, and the regulatory backlash & subsequent market correction, and the crypto industry is at an important crossroad. It’s at this critical juncture that a choice is being made between continuing with trying to innovate around legal and social norms in the pursuit of profits, or revisiting the original concepts and attempting to lay a better foundation than the haphazard one that was thrown together in the early years.

The Khipu Roundtable is taking the second route. Two veterans of this ecosystem have come together to create this program with the intention of collaborating with leaders and experts from around the world in order to help build a more solid foundation for this cultural and technological evolutionary advance.

Take a seat at the Roundtable with Santiago Velez & Malthus John as they host in-depth discussions with great guests on every episode, and continue the journey between shows with supplementary content, here and elsewhere!

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